“Fuel cells are mind-bogglingly stupid”. Really Elon? You can’t be serious!

Interesting post by cH2ange about hydrogen fuel cells, as a clean energy alternative to conventional gasoline. The fuel cell electric cars, like Toyota Mirai, are already available in some countries. The hydrogen cars run on an electric engine. The benefit of hydrogen powered car comparing to electric battery-powered ones, is that it takes just few minutes to fill the hydrogen tank.

Though, there are quite opposite opinions about hydrogen fuel cells. Watch the movie and let us know what you think via comments.

MINI electric concept

The mini-electric concept MINI Electric Concept, which, with its classy and futuristic interpretation of the classic MINI language of speech, gives a taste of how sustainable MINI driving pleasure can flourish in tomorrow’s urban environments.

With its compact proportions and its patented go-kart feel, the full-electric MINI Electric Concept is not just a typical MINI, with its electric drive line, its aerodynamic design and lightweight focus, this concept model also gives a glimpse of MINI’s full-electric production model, launched in 2019.

“The systematic strategy for the electrification of the MINI brand and its production models is a vital part of” NUMBER ON> NEXT “- BMW Group’s strategy for the future – and MINI Electric Concept is the next exciting and important chapter in this work,” announces BMW Group Chairman Harald Krüger.

Perfectly adapted to the urban mobility of the future.

MINI Electric Concept is the result of the fact that the classic MINI concept’s urban character and legendary driving pleasure are cut and cut for electrified mobility. The immediate response of the electric drive line, combined with a relevant range and weighted chassis and aerodynamic shape details, results in the typical MINI driving experience. This makes the MINI Electric Concept an all-electric vehicle concept in addition to zero emissions and maximum driving pleasure is also perfectly adapted to all the challenges posed by personal mobility in tomorrow’s urban environments.

MINI – electric pioneer

Already ten years ago, MINI took a decisive step in the development of full-electric drive lines in the form of the fully powered MINI E, a model that laid the foundation for BMW Group’s continued work on electrical mobility solutions. MINI E was introduced in 2008 and was the BMW’s first fully powered model where over 600 MINI E-cars were driven and evaluated by individuals in a daily traffic environment in a comprehensive field trial. In addition to the electrical drive line’s performance and zero emissions, MINI E also delivered lightning acceleration and superb driving performance. The field study’s experiences and lessons learned were then channeled into the development of the BMW Group’s first full-electric production vehicle, BMW i3.

Typical MINI – with extra sharpness.

The BMW Group Design Manager, Adrian van Hooydonk, describes the MINI Electric Concept as “a typical MINI compact, smooth and flashy response; In short, the perfect tool for driving everyday “. He also believes that the concept car’s aerodynamic form and radiance are hardly a gimmick: “Aerodynamics and lightweight design are not only important in motorsport, these qualities are also crucial factors in maximizing the reach of an electric vehicle. In MINI Electric Concept we have chosen a design language that focuses on aerodynamics, with clean, sharp lines that enhance the sense of efficiency while the exterior design is unmistakably MINI. ”

Coloring that shrinks the pioneer model MINI E.

The overall impression of MINI Electric Concept is dominated by a pure line play with a distinct aerodynamic character. The electric drive line in MINI Electric Concept is reminiscent of, among other things, the body’s eye-catching color scheme in silver and yellow, which is a tribute to the original MINI E model from 2008.

Minimalism that exudes power and efficiency.

From the front, the MINI Electric Concept radiates a real MINI feel, with some distinctive features such as the “closed” grill, the car’s headlight arrangement, the powerful sculpted front spoiler and the barbecue’s accent list in Striking Yellow are discreet hints on the emission-free technology under the hood.

The contrast-rich blend of smooth surfaces, distinct contours, color schemes and accents that characterize the front panel continues alongside the sides, and reinforces the sharpness of MINI Electric Concept’s basic proportions. Side sections are marked as the front of purity in the lines, which together with the heavily curved threshold widths give a minimalistic impression of a silhouette that exudes low power and efficiency.

The clean and dynamic language of the design also characterizes the stern party’s design. Smooth surfaces over the tailgate and the upper part of the bumper give the backparty a sporty look flanked by the rear-viewer’s transparent appearance with Union Jack motifs and the lower part of the bumper with the diffuser in the same version as the air spoiler’s air intake. The tip of i is the matte “Reflective Silver” Reflection Silver, which further enhances the MINI Electric Concept’s sophisticated lightweight character.

Form details made with 3D technology.

Another visual highlight of MINI Electric Concept is the dark 19-inch rims in the same design as the grill’s accent list. The outer layer of the aerodynamic posts of the rims has the same design as the “closed” air intake of the front spoiler and both shape details on the MINI Electric Concept are made with 3D printers and emphasize the concept car’s focus on lightweight technology.

Visionary concept for a production-oriented future.

Overall, MINI Electric is a conceptual and formally completed example of how MINI addresses the future demands for mobility in metropolitan areas. A visionary all-electric vehicle concept intended for the near future – with advanced power management, unrivaled efficiency, impressive performance and superb driving dynamics. In short, character features that breathe classic MINI and which are also unmatched in their segment.

New MINI Countryman SE ALL4 – Successful plug-in hybrid.

Already today there is the possibility of running an electrified MINI in the form of the MINI Countryman SE ALL4 plug-in hybrid. The model has become an immediate success, and the new MINI Countryman SE ALL4 is featured on All Service Cars 10th Top List of Chargers, where the model’s high overall rating picks down the Volvo V60 in Charge Hybrid. In all service cars test drive, MINI Countryman SE ALL4 impressed, especially positive, it was based on the combination of driving pleasure and efficiency where the actual range of electricity even proved to be slightly longer than the manufacturer’s own tasks!

Text and pictures credit: BMW Group

Pre-order Uniti, Swedish electric car

Uniti is now available for pre-orders for as little as *149€!

(*refundable at any time)

Uniti is a Sweden’s new safe, clean and affordable electric car. The perfect second family car, daily commuter vehicle, or the first car for the next generation.

The target price is from 14.900€.  Plus, in Sweden, E.ON customers will get FREE SOLAR ENERGY when charging their Uniti vehicle at home! 

Target Specifications & Options

  • 2, 4 and 5 seater models
  • Up to 300km range (22kWh battery)
  • Auxiliary battery to charge anywhere (30km top up)
  • Home fast charging (AC) 3hrs 10mins = full charge
  • DC charging 200km range in 30mins
  • 0-80kmph in 3.5 seconds in sports mode (top speed up to 130kmph)
  • Suitable for both city and highway driving

*Choose your specifications/options in mid 2018 when the vehicle configurator will be released.

Uniti advertises that by placing a pre-order, you can be among the first to test-drive and own a Uniti vehicle.

Read more and place the order on Uniti site: https://www.uniti.earth/order/

Copyright note: text is compiled based on edited materials published by UNITI Sweden AB (publ). 

Swedish electric auto startup Uniti unveils it’s first car

On December 7th, 2017 Uniti, Sweden’s newest electric car maker, revealed its eagerly awaited new vehicle, the Uniti One. The stylish yet affordable vehicle is designed to set new standards in sustainability, safety and convenience for a price tag of under €19 900.

Held at the company’s production facility in Landskrona, Uniti’s first annual launch event (U17) offered a first peek of the capabilities of Uniti One in front of a 2,000-people strong crowd of press, insiders, enthusiasts, investors and partners. Audience members were given a hands-on preview of the vehicle’s many innovative features, such as impressive energy efficiency (300km with only a 22kWh battery), and it’s unique and intuitive user experience. Lewis Horne, CEO of Uniti states, “We are pleased to share our progress and demonstrate our vision for future mobility as we move towards mass
production.” A demonstration of its forward-thinking interior drew audible interest as it showcased two available steering options, one traditional and also their world-first, centre pivot joystick control system unique to Uniti.

Uniti will offer a line of two, four and five-seat vehicle models, with first deliveries targeted for 2019. All models are premium products, but even the high-end versions will retail for around €19,900, with lower cost options available for as low as €14 900. Eager customers can join a rapidly growing list of Uniti enthusiasts (over 1,000 pre-orders to date and rapidly growing already before launch) by reserving their Uniti One for a refundable pre-order cost of €149. Pre-ordering the Uniti One will offer early access to the online vehicle configurator, eligibility for the pending beta test program, and early delivery among other perks. Further details and purchase options are available online at www.uniti.earth/order or through Uniti retail partner MediaMarkt. Prospective drivers in Sweden can also now visit in-store showrooms to see the Uniti One for themselves by visiting MediaMarkt locations in Malmö (Svågertorp) and Stockholm (Nacka).

About​ ​Uniti
Uniti exists to design, produce and bring to the mass market, ultra modern, high performance, premium electric cars.
Uniti vehicles are lightweight, and designed with a particular focus on holistic sustainability. The vehicle  launched on 7 December 2017 in its production facility in Landskrona, Sweden, and first deliveries are scheduled for 2019.

Text credit: Uniti Sweden AB (publ)

Uniti electric car launch!

Tonight was a first ever launch of Uniti electric car!
Uniti is a Swedish startup company, which is developing an electric urban car.
U17 was a fantastic event, revealing the fantastic car!

We will post more info from the event soon!