Pre-order Uniti, Swedish electric car

Uniti is now available for pre-orders for as little as *149€!

(*refundable at any time)

Uniti is a Sweden’s new safe, clean and affordable electric car. The perfect second family car, daily commuter vehicle, or the first car for the next generation.

The target price is from 14.900€.  Plus, in Sweden, E.ON customers will get FREE SOLAR ENERGY when charging their Uniti vehicle at home! 

Target Specifications & Options

  • 2, 4 and 5 seater models
  • Up to 300km range (22kWh battery)
  • Auxiliary battery to charge anywhere (30km top up)
  • Home fast charging (AC) 3hrs 10mins = full charge
  • DC charging 200km range in 30mins
  • 0-80kmph in 3.5 seconds in sports mode (top speed up to 130kmph)
  • Suitable for both city and highway driving

*Choose your specifications/options in mid 2018 when the vehicle configurator will be released.

Uniti advertises that by placing a pre-order, you can be among the first to test-drive and own a Uniti vehicle.

Read more and place the order on Uniti site:

Copyright note: text is compiled based on edited materials published by UNITI Sweden AB (publ). 

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