E.ON reached 1 million electric vehicle charges in Denmark

Further expansion of charging networks in Denmark and Sweden

More than one million electric vehicle drivers have charged their car batteries at E.ON stations in Denmark over the past three years, reports E.ON press release on December 14th, 2017. The one million charges cover a distance of 58 million kilometers.

E.ON entered the Danish e-mobility market in 2014 and became with 1,300 charging points the number one in Denmark. The company intends to maintain this position in the future and is therefore continuously expanding its store network.

E.ON is currently constructing additional charging points in the Danish capital – in places where drivers can park their cars for a certain amount of time anyway and make good use of the parking time to charge their e-cars. Therefore E.ON is entering into partnerships with operators of car parks, fast-food and petrol station chains and municipalities. In addition, E.ON is currently building 80 new charging stations in neighboring Malmö, Sweden.

Denmark is now one of the most developed e-mobility markets in Europe. As the market leader, E.ON has gained valuable experience there in developing and expanding store networks in Germany and other European markets.

Source: E.ON web-site

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